Free PU-movie: Apollo 11 with Cobham Gaisler

As part of Rymdveckan that takes place in Gothenburg, Cobham Gaisler invites students from Chalmers University of Technology to a presentation about the fault-tolerant LEON/SPARC processor for space that was initially developed at Chalmers and has since conquered the Solar System and most recently the Moon.

The presentation will be followed by a screening of the new Apollo 11 documentary.

The presentation will be at 18:00 on Tuesday 17th of September at the auditorium RunAn at Chalmers.

Free tickets available to students for pickup at 12:00-13:15 on Thursday 12, Friday 13 and Tuesday 17 September at Vörtpannan. One ticket per student identification. No admission after the start of the presentation.

OBS! Only for Chalmers students.